No More Ordinary By Carol B. McLeod

What is the abundant life? Carol McLeod partners with the Word of God and the lives of victorious believers to show the reader how to obtain and maintain a life that is a rare and priceless treasure. Such a life is contagious in that it causes others to want it. Each chapter of this thrilling book explains how to tackle life with zest in spite of the circumstances. Each chapter also presents the life stories of people like Corrie ten Boon, Robert LeTourneau, Ruth Bell Graham, Hank and Betty Stam, Susannah Wesley, and many others. Life with a capital L begins the moment that you make the decision to enter into a partnership with the Man whose very identity is known as Life himself!" Within each chapter the reader will find a practical approach to living the abundant life. Filled with applicable prayers,Scriptures to memorize, declarations to make, and daily disciplines to incorporated into one's life, No More Ordinary provides the answers to life that everyone is looking for. This book is a no-compromise, not-to-get-there-from-here manual that will remove the reader from the humdrum into a realm of life that is abundant and full of joy.
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  • Title: No More Ordinary
  • Authors: Carol B. McLeod
  • Publisher: BRIDGE LOGOS PUBL
  • Release Date: 04/01/2014
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Tags: no-more-ordinary | carol-mcleod | encouraging-stories | abundant-life |

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